Hi, I’m David. This database hosts comprehensive IB physics revision notes I’ve made for the post-2016 examinations syllabus. I got a 7 and here’s how you can too!

Please take note that although succinct notes are essential towards your revision, they should not be the only materials you cover – working through practice problems from your textbook and past papers are just as important!

For offline access, download this app and type in ibphysicsnotes.wordpress.com for the url.

If you have any feedback, let me know in the comments down below! If you like our app, don’t forget to give it 5 stars and send in a review!

Happy revising! 🙂



Changes in syllabus content

Data booklet (original)

Data booklet (annotated)



Topic 1: Measurement and uncertainties

Topic 2: Mechanics

Topic 3: Thermal physics

Topic 4: Waves

Topic 5: Electricity and magnetism

Topic 6: Circular motion and gravitation

Topic 7: Atomic, nuclear and particle physics

Topic 8: Energy production


Higher Level

Topic 9: Wave phenomena (HL)

Topic 10: Fields (HL)

Topic 11: Electromagnetic induction (HL)

Topic 12: Quantum and nuclear physics (HL)



Option B: Engineering Physics

Option B: Engineering Physics (HL)

Option D: Astrophysics

Option D: Astrophysics (HL)


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70 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, David. I used your site to review my exam, and it is very good. I actually take notes from your notes on this site, even. However, it seems like the version of the formula booklet you have here is outdated. As the Physics Exam is coming in a few days, I advise that you update it to this one >>> https://www.ibrepository.com/IB%20DOCUMENTS/Data%20%26%20Formula%20Booklets/Physics/Data%20Booklet%20-%20English.pdf, so that other students taking IB Physics this year like me can use the formula booklet that is the current version. Apart from that, loved your site, and your notes!


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